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Wearing a wire was never so easy! Informant turns your Android phone into a covert eavesdropping device — it can start recording any audio it hears immediately, or can be scheduled to start recording in advance (never get busted “playing with your phone” in a meeting to start recording). You can even choose to have absolutely no visible indication on the phone while it is recording for the ultimate in discretion!In addition to listening to previously created recordings, they can be shared via email, their recording locations viewed on a map, and tagged for later.
- Start/Stop recording immediately, or schedule in advance (dont get busted "playing with your phone" starting a recording).- Options for “recording in progress” indication, including no visible indication while recording.- Recording takes place in the background, use your device normally while recording.- Optional PIN protection.- “Quick Record” widget.- Easily view, map, tag, listen to, and send (email) any previously created recording.- Recording is automatically paused when on a call.- The only Android app of its kind to offer high quality and portable WAV recording as an option.- Option to store the recording location.- Stealth mode, Launcher icon can be hidden (dial custom PIN to launch app)
Please comply with local laws. Make sure you exclude from any Task Killer apps so recordings arent interrupted.
Permissions used by app:WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE -- used by the app to store the recordings and metadata on external storage (i.e. SD Card) instead of using (much more limited) internal memory
RECORD AUDIO -- used by the app to gain access to the audio coming through the microphone in order to record
READ PHONE STATE -- used by the app to check to see if a phone call is in progress to prevent recording phone calls
ACCESS NETWORK STATE -- used by the app to check if the device is online before attempting to use external services (i.e. Google maps to plot recording locations)
ACCESS LOCATION -- used by app to plot the location of a previous recording on a map
INTERNET -- used by app to access external services (Google Maps to plot recording locations, Google Licensing to confirm app purchase)
CHECK LICENSE -- used by app to confirm purchase
PROCESS OUTGOING CALLS -- used by app to allow launching by dialing the PIN; allows launcher icon to be hidden
Additional keywords: cop recorder wav hidden spy secret stealth